The deeper cause for Anti-Semitism you MUST know about.

Hatred towards Jews and Israel is a deep and ancient phenomenon that has intrigued me since childhood, as a Jew and an Israeli.

I remember myself as a child, attending school ceremonies on Holocaust days, feeling scared, ashamed, and completely confused as to how such things could even happen.

In high school, I couldn’t stop raising my hand to ask questions, trying to get to the bottom of it. I wanted to know, how come people didn’t notice what was gradually happening? How come they let it (the Holocaust) happen? And…

Israel is being charged with war crimes by the international court in Hague. Their crime however is completely different.

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The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor has opened a formal investigation into alleged Israeli war crimes. There is an outrage in Israel over this, and certainly many on both sides will want to fight for justice through whatever means possible.

The real means to reach justice, however, remains out of reach.

To find true justice we need to first take a step back and look a the root cause for the anger and wrath of the world towards Israel. If there is one thing it’s not, is rational.

There is nothing rational about the scientific finding that no other country…

The past year has taught us a lot about ourselves, and what success must look like moving forward.

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When I was a young girl, I knew that success meant getting good grades so I could later get ahead in life and have a successful career. Growing up in our individualistic, competitive society was a pressure full, isolating experience.

Soon enough I found myself lost in the ocean of possibilities, feeling torn by the messages I was getting about being a successful career woman, and my more internal longing for love, closeness, and family.

There was a deep emptiness that came from that sense of aloneness in achieving the goals that were supposed to bring me happiness but didn’t.

We are living in a time of great uncertainty, but there is an anecdote to the stress and worry you may be feeling.

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There is so much stress, fear, anxiety, and worry going around in our collective consciousness right now.

Ironically this is detrimental to our health, and ability to cope with the pandemic.

We want to shift these mental states into more serene, empowered, and joyful ones- but how can we when the world is experiencing so much uncertainty?

There’s a lot we can do on the physical and emotional levels, like take care of our body, exercise, do what we love (hobbies, etc.) …

Self-control is more than a predictor of success in life. It reveals a hidden truth about human nature itself.

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Self-control has long been considered a key ingredient to personal success.

Recent findings however show another side to self-control that is more ominous.

In these new findings, researchers showed that people with “high self-control”, who have previously been thought to be more pro-social (share, be kind towards others, etc), were really only doing so because they were looking out for their reputation.

Without any threat of being seen as bad, stingy, or in any way less than, they were MORE stingy, selfish, and even sadistic than others.

This comes from a very simple truth. People who have more self-control, are…

As scary and costly as this crisis is, it’s teaching us so much

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When I was diagnosed with cancer in my early twenties, the amount of stress and anxiety I was in was certainly not in my benefit.

It was only when I started to see this crisis in my life as an opportunity for personal and spiritual growth, that I began to calm down. Not only that, but my improved mindset gave me the power to overcome what was an incredibly difficult health challenge.

Our bodies are more resilient when we think hopefully and positively. And especially, when we see a higher purpose for whatever is ailing us.

In the same way…

Many women find themselves complaining about their men. Mostly, they feel hurt by how insensitive they can be, especially when it comes to remarks that make them insecure about their looks or desirability.

Often women think that men will only want them if they are beautiful, or if they look a certain way…they worry about their weight, stretch marks, or post-partum bodies. They worry their men might go off with someone else.

But there is something women need to know about what a man wants that can change all that.

Here’s an interesting fact:

Research has shown that the risk…

A personal lesson I learned about healing and hate.

Anti-Semitism on University campuses has become an unrelenting problem. It is a grave sign when the very institutions that are meant to be society’s strongholds of pluralism, free speech, tolerance and enlightenment, become plagued with stereotypical hate.

I have heard about and experienced this problem as it sprouted on many different campuses, but a little while ago an article about McGill University brought a vivid memory to my mind.

I remember my tour of McGill University. It was lovely, as was the entire trip to Canada I had made together with Israeli and Canadian young leaders. …

Even their own murder.

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A few days ago two suspects opened fire on a kosher market in Jersey City as part of an hours-long attack that left 4 people dead.

In a video he posted, founder of Americans Against Antisemitism, captures Jews being blamed for their own murder while people cheer on; ‘Get the Jews out of Jersey City,’ one woman was heard screaming

This unbelievable tragedy happened in the year 2019, in America.

Blatant Antisemitism, the kind I would learn about in history class at high school, is now an item in the daily news!

The mind-boggling story I learned of as…

While staying home with our kids is a challenging feat in our times, because of stressful financial needs, lack of family or community support, and a society pressuring women to compete in the workplace, it is useful to know the benefits of investing in our babies’ first years.

As a psychologist and mother who has researched a lot into developmental science as well as traditional wisdom, I was amazed by what I discovered about the importance of those first 24 months of life.

Even if you can’t stay home with your babies, knowing what happens during their first two years…

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